Board of Angels Blessings, Healings, Openings, Upgrades, etc.


Board of Angels Blessings, Healings, Openings, Upgrades, etc.

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Humans, Animals, Ceremonies, Physical Locations


Through the Board of Angels, The Holy Angles of Light are invited to come and to provide their very powerful, yet soft and gentle, healing energies.  These Angelic Beings provide gentle and beautiful care that is guided by The Board of Angels.  While performing a Holy Angel of Light Assisted Healing, Archangels and other Angelic Beings are attracted and come closer to us and The Holy Angels of Light -- All of whom want to assist in our healing and evolution.  While the energy from The Holy Angels of Light is very subtle, many people can feel it and report feeling totally loved and supported by the many Angels who come to assist.  

Board of Angel treatments include: 

  • Angel Board Healing

  • Specific Healing

  • Board of Angel Super Healing

  • Initiations to (1) feel closer to, and have a deeper understanding of, The Divine Angel Beings, increasing your spiritual development and enlightenment, (2) to have a deeper understanding of The True Radiant Light and The second Reality and opens up one's spirituality, and/or (3) opens one to our world's angelic beings, fairies, and all be-winged creatures,

  • Openings for Spiritual Development and Growth. Opens up more of your ability to see and feel the Angels,

  • Upgrades that increase one's frequency and Inner Vibration and is the strongest form of opening,

  • Ceremonies to bless Weddings, Home or Office, Nature [specific or general], Bodies of Water, Mother Earth, Friendship, Family, Love, etc.

Board of Angels:
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