Universal White Time Healing


Universal White Time Healing

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Humans or Animals


Universal White Time Healing is an ancient Universal healing art. It gives us the possibility to work with a healing that is targeting the problem through time and space — a healing that is individually searching for the problem, finding the need, wherever that might be, inside or outside of the person, animal, plant or situation that is chosen to heal. The Universal White Time Healing goes in and reaches the deepest vibration, on the physical plane, at the atomic level, connecting one more deeply to oneself and to Universal Consciousness.  It is a beautiful manifestation of Light and Love that encourages one’s personal awakening and supports one to live more truthfully and creatively by connecting you more deeply to your higher self and to the Universal Consciousness that is always available to us through our One Heart. It encourages the awakening of Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. Universal White Time is the combination of all frequencies, colors and times (past, present and future) in one unit.

Alignment with these energies during a session links one directly to the Core Self where profound transformation and healing become possible.  It is restorative.  Universal White Time Healing energy individually searches for and addresses the problem, finds the need, wherever that might be, inside or outside of the person or situation, that needs healing.  It can balance everything physical and psychological, at an atomic level, by working on subtle thoughts, emotions and dreams, thus creating the smartest healing. 

As a giver of Universal White Time Healing, the training has included:

  • Level I: Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cleaning Auras, Distance Healing for people and situations, Healing animals, plants, weather, material things;

  • Level II: Correcting leaking energies, Total-Balancing of Body, Balancing with color, Deep Cleaning of stomach and lungs, Advanced techniques of Chakra Balancing, and Advanced Distance Healing;

  • Level III: Working with and Giving the Higher Energies and Signs of Universal White Time Healing and The Creators of White Time Healing, Healing using Stone Layouts, Colors, and Geometric shapes for humans and the environment, studying the aura for helpful information, treatment of some specific health issues, Creating Earth Flowers that bless the planet and atmosphere; and the highest level,

  • Level IV: Healing fears, anxiety and negative programming, Enjoying loving contact with self and others, increasing Spiritual Understanding, Growth and Awareness, Connecting Deeper with Nature, Ceremonies, Connecting with Guides and other Helpers of Mankind, Cutting and Healing Negative Cords, Deeper Cleansing of the Chakras, Removing Past Life damage to the auric field, Removing negative Implants, Aura Healing, How to use the Powers of Crystals, Stones & Gems, and Colors for Healing, and much more.

Universal White Time Healing:
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